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01/2013 Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Islamic Perspectives

Searching for guiding principles has always been central in the Islamic tradition and some distinct scholarly disciplines already bear the word "principles", or other synonyms, in their names such as Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh). However, the emerging field of Islam and bioethics lacked rigorous work on how to make use of this legacy to develop a coherent and consistent system for the main principles of bioethics. On the other hand, drafting principles as a broad ethical framework for the field of bioethics has busied the minds of Western bioethicists already decades ago. The contribution made by the two American philosophers, Tom Beauchamp and James Childress is one of the most seminal attempts in this regard. Their work Principles of Biomedical Ethics, whose seventh edition appeared in 2013, triggered a lot of debates worldwide full or pros and cons to the principle-based approach they proposed and the supposed universality of the four principles they introduced, namely (1) respect for autonomy, (2) nonmaleficence, (3) beneficence, and (4) justice. In order to discuss this significant issue from various perspectives, CILE organized an international and interdisciplinary seminar under the title "Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Islamic Perspectives" during the period 5-7 January 2013.

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