Text BoxGuided by the vision of bringing about a more just and ethical world, CILE shall lead the reform and renewal of contemporary Fiqh and Islamic and ethical thought and behavior by contributing towards a sustainable ethical framework for addressing contemporary challenges in Qatar and the world, and enabling and inspiring Muslims to reform their reality, theoretically and practically, and contribute to the global moral/ethical discourse from their respective doctrinal, ethical and legal perspectives. 


With a mission of reform and renewal of Islamic legislative and ethical thought guided by the fundamental principles of the Holy Qurʾān, Sunnah and the higher objectives of Islam (Maqāṣid al-S̲h̲arīʿah), CILE strives to bring scholars of Text and scholars of context together with the aim of producing, applying, recommending and disseminating Islamic ethical thought and research, as well as developing a contemporary vision/a new contextualized reading that provides a transformative methodological and theoretical framework for dealing with and approaching practical ethical applications in a way that brings about a more just and ethical world. It is an endeavor to essentially build an ethical seminary of skill that engages with and addresses contemporary universal issues and challenges. 

By bringing scholars of Text and scholars of context together to discuss critical classical and contemporary issues from philosophical/theoretical and practical viewpoints, CILE aims to serve a diverse global audience of experts, activists, practitioners, students, and common people who share our concerns and interests.