Dr Harith bin Ramli
Lecturer in Theology and World Religion

Harith Ramli has been Lecturer in Theology and World Religion at the Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University in 2018. He grew up in Malaysia, and is an alumni of the Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College (KISAS), Selangor Darul Ehsan. His primary research is in the study the history of Sufism, but he has also published in the fields of Islamic theology and law. He received his doctorate in 2012 for his dissertation on the formation of Sufi thought in the writings of the fourth/tenth century scholar, Abū Ṭālib al-Makkī. Prior to this, he has held teaching posts at the Muslim College (London), SOAS, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Cambridge. He was also a research fellow at the Cambridge Muslim College, where he continues to teach an affiliate teaching fellow.