Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald
Director of the Schweisfurth-Foundation

Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald received his PhD in Philosophy from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt in 1982. He is Director of the Schweisfurth-Foundation, a non-profit organization that works towards identifying environmentally-friendly methods of agriculture and the improvement of the living standards of livestock. Other focal points are heightened food safety and safeguarding of food quality as well as innovative means of processing of organic food and novel ways of marketing. The Foundation also seeks new forms of education and training in the artisanal aspects of food processing. It works closely with government agencies and food and beverage industries in these areas. The Foundation also published guidelines for sustainable agriculture and food production. He worked as a Professor of Political Ecology at Munich University, and Honorary Professor of Ecological Ethics at Humboldt-University, Berlin. His Fields of interest include business ethics, sustainability along the food chain, future studies. He authored numerous books and articles on the future of agriculture, education, agricultural and food ethics.