Charity week: Fundraiser

The charity week kicks off featuring talks on Charity and Social Justice by each of Dr. Tariq Ramadan (Executive Director at the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics,) Dr. Mohammed Al Maadheed (President of Qatar Red Crescent,) and Dr. Mohammed Ghaly (Professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics at CILE.).

This event will be hosted on Tuesday, October 17th 2017 at 7:30 PM, in the black box theatre of Education City Student center.

Two new CILE books in Arabic by Dar Al Mashriq

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) announces the publishing of its first two books in Arabic Language in collaboration with the Arab Network for Research and Publishing–Dar Al Mashriq for publishing. A book by Chauki Lazhar -Deputy Director of CILE- addresses the reasons prompting the renewal of Usul Al Fiqh in modern times.

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