Work at CILE: Job offer

Work at CILE: Job offer


1. Job Details

  • Position Title: Senior PR & Communications Specialist
  • Reports to: CILE Deputy Director 


2. Job Purpose

  • To manage the day-to-day Communications & PR activities of CILE Center and to prepare and implement a communications and PR strategy ensuring that the messages to all stakeholders are clear, consistent and fit-for-purpose in accordance CILE’s & QF’s overall mission and vision.
  • To provide expert advice to the Director and Deputy Director on communication and PR strategies and coordination of communication initiatives. 

  • To Create and articulate long term communication and PR strategy for developing relationships with external parties, while ensuring they are aligned with and support the overall CILE organizational strategy, including the organizing of events and creating a brand for CILE to create local, regional and international awareness.

  • To achieve all communications and public relations objectives by working with the appropriate communications departments/functions within the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and Qatar Foundation, Media, and CILE’s stakeholders in general.

  • To oversee the writing of all copy for key organisational communication tools including: external newsletters, position papers, leaflets, pamphlets, posters, educational materials and internet content, whilst ensuring that they become available in all appropriate languages, particularly Arabic, English and French.

  • To ensure that communication tools and media are accessible to and effective for a wide range of professional and lay stakeholders, and to regularly review the content of communications tools, especially the internet site, to ensure content and appearance are contemporary.

  • Participate in the management team for effective cross-functional working.


3. Job Dimensions

  • Able to work outside of normal work hours when required

  • Able to travel within Qatar and overseas as required

  • Duration – this role is permanent

  • The office base is located in Doha, Qatar

  • Number of direct reports to be confirmed

4. Key Result Areas

  • Formulate strategic objectives for building community outreach and PR activities to establish close relationships with CILE’s key stakeholders in the public and private sectors, locally, regionally and internationally, ensuring it is in alignment with the overall objectives of HBKU and QF.
  • Manages the Comm. and PR Plans, Writes press releases, Directors’ speeches, features, newsletters, and translates CILE crucial documents in Arabic and English and preferably in French as well.
  • To plan, implement and manage the creation and use of all organisational communications tools (traditional and social media, public interest materials and events) that communicate the aims and promote understanding of the work CILE Center.
  • Liaise with the media, locally, regionally and internationally & maintain/update a media database, prepares media key messages, and holding statements for CILE, Responds appropriately to media request.
  • Prepare and implement Communication Plan as well as policies and procedures ensuring adherence to the established policies and procedures and act as focal point for any media enquiries.
  • Coordinate with CILE Management and staff to ensure consistent outreach and PR strategies are in place and that all business objectives and the supporting implementation plans are discussed, coordinated, reviewed, agreed and communicated in a standardized manner.
  • Prepare and/or edit publication material for internal and external audiences. Such materials may include newsletters, stakeholders' reports, official reports, leaflets, posters, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations and exhibition stands, as well as information produced for specific events organized by CILE or at which CILE has a presence.
  • Respond to requests for information from the media and act as the designated spokesperson or information source for CILE’s Director or Deputy Director.
  • Plan and direct development and communication of informational programs to maintain favorable public perceptions of CILE’s accomplishments and agenda. In particular, to advance and protect the reputation of CILE within Qatar and internationally.
  • Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests and exhibitions to promote CILE as a leading organization and to increase public awareness.
  • Coordinate with all new initiatives to ensure consistent representation and implementation of CILE’s and QF’s vision and mission.
  • Lead and work with other members of staff in managing the presentation and logistics of events, including venue, speakers, publicity, etc.
  • Develop, maintain and advance CILE’s branding across all appropriate media. Also, set and manage communication style guidelines for use by members of CILE staff.
  • Promote CILE’s website in terms of content; articles, videos , newsletter and ensure that the message and vision of CILE is well communicated to our three audiences ; academic, students and general public
  • Take lead in the production of promotional videos about the Center, podcasts and events’ videos.
  • Assist with representing CILE within the research community, nationally and internationally, and to government and other agencies. Such representation may include attending meetings, conferences and other events, speaking at events and heading CILE’s stands at events.
  • Lead the collaboration with the HBKU and Qatar Foundation Press Office to ensure that CILE’s work is appropriately reflected in the press. Anticipate press interest and ensure that our message is clear, relevant statements are prepared and spokespeople are available.
  • Any other tasks required by CILE management in support of PR and Communications of the Center.


5. Operating Environment, Framework & Boundaries

The post holder will be part of a group of professionals managing key aspects of the work of CILE. CILE team is built around the model where each department and section has its own specialist role, but all departments and sections support the work of others in an integrated fashion. As part of the Communications & PR Department, the post holder will work under the direction of CILE’s Director, Deputy Director and Business Support Manager to ensure effective and integrated delivery of all PR & Communications tasks and goals. The Senior PR & Communications Specialist prepares CILE’s overall communication and PR strategy and works under broad guided assignments, QF’s and HBKU’s regulations and overall programs.


6. Communications and Working Relationships

  • CILE’s Director& Deputy Director– discuss communication aspects, business and implementation plans.
  • CILE Management– on implementing the communication strategies and related issues.
  • Research Coordinator- to cooperate on research matters including editing, translating related research content.
  • Webmaster-Liaise with CILE webmaster to ensure all media related files including, press releases, articles, newsletters are uploaded and updated regularly on CILE website
  • The post holder will also communicate with and manage working relationships with any external consultants / contractors as relevant to communications and public relations in particular and community development as a whole.

Comparable organizations, media and government entities – exchange views and share experience on matters of common interest.


7. Problem Solving & Complexity

  • The The Senior PR & Communications Specialist must find ways to spread and publicize a positive image of CILE and its brand identity. The incumbent must therefore identify, prioritize and find different ways to get CILE’s messages across.
  • The incumbent is required to promote a favorable public image and facilitate processing of formalities. In addition, the complexity of translations among Arabic, English & French must be considered especially in the Islamic context of CILE.
  • Proactive – see problems and opportunities and deals with them.
  • Self motivated.
  • Well developed problem solving abilities.
  • Flexible approach with a ‘can-do’ attitude.


8. Decision Making Authority & Responsibility

The post holder exercises judgment in handling public and media relations issues. The incumbent gives recommendations to promote CILE’s image. He/ She uses own initiative in dealing with work programs, but refers major problems together with recommended actions to CILE’s Director and Deputy Director

He/ She must also be:

  • Mature, professional and authoritative in the field.
  • Creative and forward thinking.
  • Able to make decisions within scope of authority and act on them.
  • Able to recommend decisions and justify them to more senior staff.
  • Responsible and accountable for decisions and for the work of others, internal staff or outside agencies, working under direction.


9. Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Higher Degree in Communication & PR, Languages or Journalism with experience in writing in Islamic context.
  • A minimum of 8 years’ experience in Public Relations & Public Affairs, or a relevant field
  • Sound knowledge of the Qatar rules and regulations with respect to formalities.
  • Understanding and strong personal commitment to CILE’s and QF’s vision and mission.
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – with fluency in English, Arabic and French; written and oral.
  • Extensive working knowledge of the use of standard business software products (Microsoft Office, operating systems, video editing…etc.).
  • Proven experience of events organization.
  • Proven effectiveness in project and people/relationships management.



  • Master Degree in Communication or a related field
  • Experience of working across cultures and/or in a multicultural setting.
  • Experience gained within a public sector, Government entities, Educational institutions


Particular skills:

  • Ability to act as the communications and public affairs “expert” for the team.
  • Ability to work effectively alone and within a small team, whilst interfacing with “parent” organizations.
  • Ability to work effectively with others inside and outside the organization.
  • Ability to understand the work of CILE quickly, including its varied activity portfolio, strategies and cultures
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, in 3 languages ( Arabic, English and French)
  • Proven ability, experience and knowledge in website management, PR and communication strategies
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.


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