[Video] Dr Tariq Ramadan at Sakarya University in Turkey

We are pleased to share with you the speech of Dr Tariq Ramadan which was delivered at ISCAT 2015 on April 10th,  2015 in Turkey.

Dr Tariq Ramadan was one of the two keynote speakers during this 1st International Symposium on Critical and Analytical Thinking which was organized by Academic Platform, Critical And Analytical Thinking Platform and Sakarya University in Turkey.


Dr Tariq Ramadan “The Importance of Critical Thinking for Muslim Societies both in the West and East”


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Submitted by Babacar Faye on Sun, 05/24/2015 - 23:33


What I like with Pr Ramadan is that he always asks the REAL questions, he is one today's minority thinkers, as it has always been in the course of human history, that see things from the margins of society. ""All the principles are in the Qur'an, but not all the implications. The principles are there, but not all the answers. (...) Allah kept Quiet, Silent on some issues, not out of forgetfulness, but out of Mercy. Meaning what? His Silence is the starting point of our critical thinking" He said it all. Thumbs Up

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