Dr Tariq Ramadan
Ramadan's Chronicles 1437 / 2016 "Resistances" by Dr Tariq Ramadan

Introduction: Resistances


Day 1: The path, Ash-shari'a


Day 2: Fitrah


Day3: Jihād


Day4: Forgetfulness


Day 5: The Ego


Day 6: Ostentation


Day 7: Selfishness


Day 8: Depravity and angelism


Day 9: Emotions


Day 10: Cowardice


Day 11: Jealousy


Day 12: Reason


Day 13: Doubt, Despair


Day 14: Arrogance


Day 15: Dogmatism


Day 16: Uniformity


Day 17: Injustice


Day 18: Poverty


Day 19: Racism


Day 20: Oppression


Day 21: Injust Power


Day 22: Corruption


Day 23: Violence - Torture


Day 24: Profit-oriented Economy


Day 25: Globalization


Day 26: Excesses


Day 27: Consumerism


Day 28: Culture


Day 29: Ignorance


Day 30: Language


Day 31: Festival



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