HBKU’s College of Islamic Studies Re-Launches Astrolabe Student Research Journal

CIS graduate students weigh in on issues impacting Muslim societies in a changing world

The College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has launched a new volume of Astrolabe: A CIS Student Research Journal, featuring faculty-reviewed papers developed by graduate students through their transdisciplinary coursework.


In keeping with CIS’ aim to highlight the applied nature of Islamic Studies, the new edition of Astrolabe examines critical topics affecting Muslim communities in the contemporary global context. The nine articles explore interfaith efforts and expression, contemporary understanding of Shari’a, and Qur’anic exploration. Other subject areas are Islamic art analysis, the quality of elementary education, financial development in nascent industries, reframing ideas within the developing Islamic finance field, and an exploration of veganism through the lens of Islam.

The articles were selected from submissions produced by all academic programs at CIS, which includes the PhD in Islamic Finance and Economy, the Master of Science in Islamic Finance, the Master of Science in Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism, and Master of Arts programs in Islamic Studies, Applied Islamic Ethics, and Islam and Global Affairs. The Astrolabe journal is published by HBKU Press on behalf of CIS.


Dr. Remah Gharib, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, CIS, said:

Astrolabe is an expression of our students’ engagement in exploring new knowledge possibilities. I am greatly encouraged to see this spirit of academic discovery and feel certain that readers will be enriched by the thought-provoking content. I’d like to express my appreciation to our faculty on the Astrolabe Advisory Committee, and to all our faculty members for nurturing these student voices and encouraging a vibrant academic dialogue


Sabika Shaban, Academic Journals and Publications Specialist, CIS, said:

Astrolabe provides a robust platform for students to showcase their forays into graduate-level research and share their explorations on issues that fascinate them. Each paper underwent a review process with the support of our esteemed faculty to ensure academic credibility, and it was a learning experience for students to participate in a publishing process from responding to calls for papers, managing multiple deadlines, engaging with the publishing party over their work, and the well-earned satisfaction of seeing their work in a published form


With a view to encouraging the global exchange of knowledge, and sharing the findings with the broader community in Qatar and beyond, Astrolabe: A CIS Student Research Journal is freely available to download on CIS' website:



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