#CILE2016 The 4 themes: Methodology, Politics, Asylum and Family

#CILE2016 Watch the video teaser and the livestream 2-3 April ...

#CILE2016 Watch the video teaser and the livestream 2-3 April 2016 !http://www.cilecenter.org/en/?p=3878

Posted by CILE : Research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics on Monday, March 28, 2016


Next 2nd and 3rd April 2016 in Doha (Qatar), the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics will hold its 4th Annual International Conference entitled:

Prioritizing Values in the Contemporary World: Islamic Contributions

Four themes will be tackled during these two days as follow:

  • The Methodology session addresses the problem of contrasting values, how to determine their scale, how to balance between them when they clash, what is the methodology for finding a balance between these values, and the prioritization standards in this regard, with the focus on the justice - peace dichotomy when the two values compete with each other in the same domain, with a view to relating all this with the constant interaction between the absolute principle and practical benefit.
  • The Politics session explores the possibility of the convergence of the rulers and the ruled, which would be an alternative to the exhaustion of societies by political conflicts and civil wars. The Session will also try to explore aspects of the Islamic political values that could guide us ​​in this aspect, along with the lessons learnt from the history of revolutions in the field of preventive reform.
  • The Asylum session will look into the possible inspirations derived from the values ​​of Islam when dealing with asylum seekers, especially as to the duty of protecting and assisting people fleeing persecution. The session also discusses the validity of the stipulation that there is a clash among values ​​in terms of duties and responsibilities between the Western countries and the Muslim-majority countries in dealing with refugees.
  • The Consanguineous Marriage Session deals with its topic from three angles: Sharia as a reference, genetics, and the culture of the community. The session focusses on the role of legislative texts and biological knowledge to derive the relevant ethical concepts, the distinction between definitive and presumptive Islamic laws, and the scientific and ethical medical dimensions. The session will also illustrate the impact of social culture in this respect, especially in the Gulf region.

We hope that you will find the lectures of the conference gratifying and useful, and we wish that you share your contribution with us to help advance the knowledge and moral dialogue on these vital issues.


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#CILE2016 The 4 themes: Methodology, Politics, Asylum and Family

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