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CILE 1st Summer School on Islamic Applied Ethics in France: Thank you !

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics hosted its 1st Summer School on Islamic Applied Ethics in France during the period 13-18 August, in partnership with the European Institute of Human Sciences and the Lastorlabe Foundation for Thought and Research.

More than twenty participants joined us in the Morvan Regional Natural Park to discuss the crucial question of:

Islamic Ontology of The Human Being: Epistemological and Methodological Joints

We started the discussion by defining the terminology as well as the theoretical concepts. In addition to Chauki Lazhar and Abdelaziz Kabes' presentations, more practical contributions by external speakers were added, which was very much appreciated by the students, especially on the subject of maternity and artificial intelligence, still within the framework of the Islamic ontology of the human being. The week ended with workshops as students formed groups to present their reflection in the form of a case study in the light of the past week in particular around the concepts of fîtra and vice-management.

Going back to the very essence of human nature in the light of Muslim Ethics surrounded by a sublime natural landscape. Every CILE Summer School is special with its own specificities. Once again, this one was very strong and it is impossible to describe everything with words. A short break was made during the week to refresh the minds and souls with a boat tour of the “Lac des Settons”. On the program: sun, walking, snacks and swimming.

At the end, every Summer School that CILE hosts, whether it is in Africa or in Europe, involves theoretical and practical concepts, but we also learn from our participants as much as they learn from our teachers. We would like to thank everyone who participated to make the event a success. Thank you for your presence, smile, sacrifice in time and money, especially during the summer holiday period, sometimes even coming from other continents by car especially for this event. May Allah reward each and every one of you.

The videos of the Summer School will be published very soon in sha Allah (in French language only).

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