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Invitation Public Webinar: #IslamGenZ

HBKU's College of Islamic Studies (CIS) cordially invites you to attend its forthcoming public webinar next 26-27 January 2021, 4pm - 6pm Doha time. It is titled:


#IslamGenZ is a two-day panel discussion and debate on the topics “Islam and Social Media” and “Islam and COVID-19”. The title “#IslamGenZ” clarifies the target audience: avid social media users and influencers within the global Muslim community. The first panel will discuss the role of social media in influencing young Muslims, and the second panel will investigate how Muslims have remained active on social media during  COVID-19. 

This panel aims to encapsulate the use of social media in Muslim communities, with a focus on Muslim youth.




  • Dr. Craig Considine, Scholar, Professor, Global Speaker, and public intellectual based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University



  • Dr. Khaled Beydoun, Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School, Author of "American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear"


This event will be held in English, on the WebEx platform.

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