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Volume 3 of CILE "Journal of Islamic Ethics" published by Brill is out in free open access

CILE Journal of Islamic Ethics: Volume 3 is out

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) announces the publishing of the third volume of its “Journal of Islamic Ethics” (JIE) in collaboration with BRILL, under the title:

Contemporary ijtihād, ethics and modernity


CILE Journal of Islamic Ethics available in Open Access for free

The Journal of Islamic Ethics is a full Open Access journal that focuses on the ethical approaches embedded in Islamic philosophy, theology, mysticism and jurisprudence as well as Islamic civilization in general - and their intersection with applied fields like Arts, Bioethics, Economics, Education, Environment, Gender, Media, Methodology, Migration & Human Rights, Politics and Psychology.

The Journal is open to all voices, regardless of their specific positions or backgrounds, with a keen interest in making seminal contributions to the fields listed above.

You can access Volume 3 of the Journal of Islamic Ethics by clicking the following link:

Have a closer look at the thematic issue of the volume and read it online by clicking the following image:


You can also check out Volume 1 & 2 of the Journal from here:


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