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Call for Registration: CILE Granada Summer School 2016

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) is pleased to invite you to its upcoming Summer School in Granada, Spain, from 16th to 20th May, 2016.

Courses are aimed at postgraduate level, and all sessions will be delivered in English. For Registration, please click HERE

On receipt of your application, we will send you an acknowledgment within a few days. There will be a later follow-up on your enrollment with the schedule and readings.

A typical day at CILE Summer School includes three sessions of one hour and half each, in addition to a two hour debate. A group visit to Alhambra will be scheduled in the program.

For further enquiries, please send an EMAIL.


Last CILE Granada Summer School 2015 documentary with student testimonials from all around the world

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Salam Aleikoum, Regarding the upcoming Summer School in Granada (2016), I cannot find the practical information - especially regarding the registration fees, accommodation facilities and the expected educational background of participants (e.g., since "the courses are aimed at postgraduate level", do you expect for instance a formal academic training in Islamic Methodology/Jurisprudence, or other kind of prerequisite knowledge?). Could you please enlighten me? Baraka'allahoufikoum. Kind regard and Salam, D.G.

Dear D.G wa'alaykoum assalam and thank you for your question. Please feel free to ask for more practical information by email: cile.summerschool @ gmail . com. Looking forward to welcoming you in Granada in sha Allah wa salamu alaykoum.

Dear CILE, I have been accepted into the Summer School for 2016; however it will take my bank afew days to transfer the money meaning I will have missed the deadline. I emailed you afew days ago informing you of this problem. Please could you email me as soon as possible to confirm you have held a space for me and I will proceed with the payment strait away. Many thanks, Richard Steyne

BONJOUR JE SUIS Docteur en Lettres françaises, assistante à la Faculté de Théologie de Tunis, retraitée depuis le premier octobre 2015, femme de lettres intéressée par l'histoire et la religion musulmane! j'ai publié un roman "Testour et l'âme andalouse" et d'autres recueils de poésie! j'aimerais tellement voir l'Halambra, c'est mon rêve!

Al salam A’alikoum I am an Indian and very interesting to participate the program. Is there any chance for Graduate Students? And can you please tell me when is the deadline? Jazakallah! Your best aspirant, Asaf Muhamme Kerala, India

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