Dr. Arjan Post
أستاذ مساعد في الدراسات العربية والإسلامية

As of October 2018 Arjan Post is assistant professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leuven. He has a BA in anthropology from the University of Amsterdam (2008), and M.Phil. in Middle Eastern studies from Leiden University (2011, cum laude); in addition, he has studied Arabic in Damascus and Rabat. In November 2017, he defended his PhD at Utrecht University on the life and teachings of ʿImād al-Dīn Aḥmad al-Wāsiṭī (d. 711/1311), a Sufi and companion of Ibn Taymiyya. In the following year he taught Arabic and several courses related to Islam at the same university. His fields of interest include Sufism, Islamic theology, especially in relation to the Ḥanbalī school, and Moroccan Islam. He has published several articles on these topics, as well as an edition and translation of a unique commentary by the Moroccan Sufi Ibn ʿAjība. His book on al- Wāsiṭī is due to be published with Brill by the end of this summer.