Dr Raja Bahlul
Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Program Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Raja Bahlul received his Bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy from the American University of Beirut, and completed  his graduate studies at Indiana University, USA. He has publications in Arabic and English (with some translated into Italian)  in the areas of Metaphysics (Identity and individuation),  Islamic Philosophy  and Theology (Ghazali, Avicenna), Contemporary Islamic Political Thought (Constitutionalism, Secularism), Democracy, and Human Rights.  His more recent publications include: “Emotion as Patheception” (Philosophical Explorations, 2015), “Islamic Law and Legal Positivism (Rivista di filosofia del diritto, 2016), “Injustice as Injury, Forgiveness as Healing”, Explorations of Forgiveness, 2016), Discourse of Dignity and Human Rights (2017) and Action, Ontology, and Intersubjectivity (2019)