Dr Abdeslam Ballaji

Professor Abdeslam Ballaji is president of the Moroccan Association for Islamic Economics and the Association and a Member of the Moroccan Parliament, from the Justice and Development Party. He is also a visiting professor and the supervisor of a number of university research projects on Islamic finance at a number of Moroccan colleges. He has conducted research in the areas of: Fiqh and assets, biography of the Prophet, international law, economics, finance, politics, policy legitimacy, codifying Fiqh, ranks of legislation in Sunnah, culture, social affairs, women's issues, family code, Moroccan and Muslims communities and management of religious affairs. He has published several articles and has been interviewed on human rights, national issues, political and religious affairs. He lectured and participated in many cultural and scientific forums in more than twenty Arab, Asian, African, and European and American countries, including several international scientific seminars specializing in Islamic politics, Fiqh codification, the application of Shariah standards, and the quality of the state.