CILE organizes an annual international conference planned around one or more theme in applied ethics. Keynote speakers from around the globe contribute to the discussions. There are also parallel sessions, in which scholars, specialists, researchers and students meet to discuss specific topics, or answer critical questions.
Directors and research associates of CILE regularly participate in educational lectures and workshops on the theory or applications of Islamic ethics and the objectives of /Maqasid Al Shari’ah in Qatar and internationally.
The Center is involved in a number of projects, in collaboration with other institutions and entities in Qatar and elsewhere. These collaborations aim at exploring the role of Islamic ethics in specific fields and finding solutions for contemporary challenges. CILE also consults on policies and/or codes of ethics for private and public institutions.
CILE directors and research associates deliver training workshops on Islamic ethics and their objectives (maqasid) to academic and civic institutions globally. The content and locations of these courses are carefully designed to achieve the Center’s strategic objectives.
CILE convenes four annual seminars in which four scholars of the text and four scholars of the context for three consecutive days, tackle critical questions in one of CILE’s twelve main fields of research in applied ethics and propose answers and ideas for further research